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CAT for Grad Project Report

This year Translatel Ltd is celebrating 4th anniversary of its CAT for Grad project with 19 partners from 12 cities across Ukraine.
Launched by Translatel in 2015, CAT for Grad had two main objectives.
Firstly, to develop an inventory of translation digital tools and services available to all Ukrainian students and their teachers.
Secondly, to create a ‘living lab’ which empowers lecturers and practitioners from across Ukraine to engage, interact and develop.
7 webinars were conducted over the last years with over 600 registrants, 346 attendees and 9 different speakers. This program has been running for four years and has been optimized extensively along the way.
The project has been presented at conferences and workshops, including GALA 2018, UTIC, “Meet Central Europe” 2018, “Fit-for-market translator and interpreter training in a digital age”, “EU-translated – Towards Better Quality Legal Translations for Better Implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement” etc. and highly estimated by peers from academia and translation industry.
CAT for Grad project is proud of reliable solutions to address the challenge of embedding digital tools in different educational contexts.
Further on special focus will be on co-designing powerful communication and engagement approaches for all stakeholders to advocate and inspire their peers and students, driving a stronger network for the wider and better use of digital tools for teaching translators.