Traduttore but not traditore

Translatel Ltd visits Translating Europe Forum

On September 18–19, 2014, Translatel Ltd represented by the CEO Oleksandr Bondarenko took part in Translating Europe Forum (Brussels, Belgium), organized by European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation. The main goal of the meeting is represented by the Forum’s name itself – Linking Up Translation Stakeholders. To treat the problem of translators training enhancement the organizers gathered representatives of translation industry and university professors, which are key stakeholders and influencers in this sphere. The Forum shares the same goals with another project, Vox Translatorum, which was co-founded by Translatel Ltd. That’s why the participants of our project had some words to say and some experience to share during the two days.

We, as a company which has been contributing to development of the translation industry (conducting undergraduate training of students, cooperating with universities, organizing lectures and workshops at universities etc.) were eager to grab new ideas from representatives of European educational system and translation agencies. We learned a lot, but no less we shared, as during the year of its functioning the Vox Translatorum project gained good experience and developed a solid methodological basis with concrete recommendations, which kindled great interest of professors from European translation schools and members of European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation. The Forum inspired us for further achievements. We found new partners, and the Vox Translatorum project was fueled up and continues to develop the strategy of translators training enhancement.