Traduttore but not traditore


Translatel is a truly professional company that absorbed the best practices of translation industry and is a pleasure to cooperate with. I wish all our partners from the vendor list had the same level of technology and the same extent of responsiveness. I’m really impressed by your long-term quality program. Keep on! 

Essential and invaluable service. Clear quote, accompaniment and really effective support during translation and launch period. Information from PM’s is relevant and timely. Requests are handled quickly. Detail-oriented, responsible, goal-seeking and flexible people. So for sure I will continue to use the service because I really like it.

It is convenient to have texts translated both into Russian and Ukrainian in one place and to know that the jobs are done in-house and by native speakers. A rare case in our industry nowadays. The knowledge that all jobs I send you, guys, are done by experienced in-house linguists makes me sleep well at night.

Hi guys! I just want to thank you for the work you’ve done over the last month and your support in this launch stage. We hope to improve our products during this update period and help customers be successful.

Your proofreaders are something! No other company suggested 57 updates to our Style Guide. Lina and Anna are worth their weight in gold!

Wow, you’ve been busy on this one! I just want to express my praise for the effort and commitment both PMs and translation team put in during the translation and launch processes this week. The deployment went well. We finished it in time. Many thanks!

As you may know Russian and Ukrainian are often characterized by a critical level of revision quality so it is hard to find out who of you, guys, is right. Yet your company does it right so the reviewers have hardly a chance even for preference changes.

Though we haven’t so much work to be translated into Russian and Ukrainian I’m happy indeed with the services you provide. The project managers are diligent and I really appreciate your loyalty to cooperate on complicated and urgent projects.

I don’t remember a single issue in our cooperation to grumble ever since we started in 2009. You keep on top of our vendor list in your language pairs since that time.

Our company is very pleased with the service quality offered by Translatel. My feedback is based on evaluations from the third party reviewers. Indeed, the quality of translation that you provide is very high.

Having worked with Alexander on XXX project we found him to be professional and reliable. He has always managed to react within 30 minutes which was very important for us on this project.

Our managers are happy with Translatel’s linguistic services. Your PMs are responsive and your linguists are qualified. I wish you could share your technology and your approach with other Ukrainian companies.

I’m Hungarian so it’s hardly possible for me to validate your Russian and Ukrainian translations yet the third party review that proved to be rather tough reports they are happy with your translations and so are we!

Everyone in our industry knows that medical translations are the hardest and require responsibility more than other projects. So we are thankful to you for your efforts that constantly bring excellent result.

The tasks that I usually give you are third party reviews. Usually such jobs are not easy with your pairs (English – Russian/Ukrainian) yet your approach is objective and causes no translator’s complaints which is a rare case.

Thank you so much for your hard bit of work to meet such a tight deadline. I promise to work out the schedule and make sure this never happens again. Thanks again!

I wish all partners were like you! Thank you so much, Olga! I appreciate indeed all your efforts to make impossible things still possible!

I’d like to specially thank you for completing this huge project for us. This time it was really the hardest hit. I have over 15 years experience in translation business yet still I was amazed by your work on this project. Thank you so much! It was a real team work!

I’d like to share some feedback with you from the third party reviewers. They wrote they were really happy with the test translation so you are a preferred vendor on this line since now.

Thanks again for your smart questions. I’ve shared the replies with all teams and they found them very helpful. The PM has been really accurate and detailed. Thank you for understanding all the problems connected to this complicated job. We’ll continue cooperation with pleasure.

Thanks a lot for the adaptation service you’ve provided and for the detailed feedback! This is exactly what was needed. We really appreciate your efforts and professionalism on the task that needed creativity.

As a project manager of multilingual translation company I was happy to discover Translatel that is delivering Ukrainian translations of stable high quality and providing perfect project management which is of utter importance in our business. Have never had any complaints about their work, but always satisfied clients instead.

We have collaborated with Translatel on long-term Life Sciences project to be localized into Russian and have only positive impressions. The team is professional and has necessary expertise in this very specific field and translations meets the demands of modern medicine market. We are satisfied with the outcome.

Our agency met Translatel while testing potential candidates for big software localization project. They won it as the provided linguistic quality was really good and because they provide the full TEP cycle in one place and by in-house team. That was important for the project as good work coordination and short turnaround time was required.

The experience we had with your company is a success. First and foremost we appreciate the individual and sensitive approach to the client. You are flexible to find nonstandard solutions and try to be proactive to understand the client’s needs. Communication is always at top level. Thank you and keep it up!

Translatel Company is our old and reliable Ukrainian and Russian vendor and furthermore our first partner and advisor on local market. When the team is taking over a new project, we know that we can feel ourselves on safe side. And it has been lasting over 10 years of our fruitful cooperation.

Thank you very much for your effort. We are so pleased with the outcome and will definitely use your services again. We will be more than happy to work with you on the future jobs.

Very understanding and helpful staff. They put me at ease as I didn’t know where to turn. Very short response and turnaround time. Nice to work with you guys!