Traduttore but not traditore

Academia Expectations Versus Industry Reality: A Publication In MultiLingual

It’s not a secret that many translation companies face the problem of translators not being trained properly. Because of the obvious imbalance between the issues students are taught at the universities, and the real competences and skills needed in a translator’s professional life, we did a research on this topic and shared the results in MultiLingual, the leading international translation industry magazine.

The research included a survey of two main translation industry stakeholders: Academia and Translation Companies. It turned out that the two groups of respondents prioritized entirely different competences as key for a modern translator. The article not only proves the existence of the problem, but also suggests practical ways of solving it. One of them is translation internships. Our company’s internship program has been in the works for over six years, and the whole seven-step methodology has proved to be a success.

Read more about the suggested takeaway in the article Academia Expectations Versus Industry Reality in MultiLingual.