Traduttore but not traditore

Sharing Survey Results, Suggesting the Proven Roadmap: Translatel at “Meet Central Europe”, Prague

There is little quantitative data on translator’s professional profile that cannot be described as ad hoc and subjective. The subjective approach adopted by practitioners doesn’t examine the extent to which such employers’ perspectives are compatible with the views of employees.

At Translatel, we use professional ties in translation industry and academia to promote academic research to detect the core of misunderstanding and suggest the proven roadmap for solving translation industry problems. The research reported is part of a long-term (first conducted in 2013 and repeated in 2018) project (Bondarenko, Marczak). The object of the survey embracing 54 translation companies and over 150 freelancers was to investigate the professional profile of the translator provided by employer and employee and to compare them. Freelancers and employers were asked to rank-order a list of competences that make contemporary professional translators. As expected, employer-employee data showed different priorities of importance that often stands for disintegration of employer–employee relationships. Employer-employee surveys can work wonders if they are appropriately planned, distributed, and analyzed. The analysis provides a way of selecting professional competences to focus on, by calculating each area’s leverage. The survey may be used as a route for delivering sustained performance improvement to people agenda through the maze of challenges that translation industry now faces.

Join us 10 Oct 2019 (14:30 – 15:15) and learn more about A CRAFTY PLAN HOW TO HIRE AND COOPERATE WITH FREELANCERS.