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TranslAcademy webinar with Barbara Moser-Mercer

Translatel encourages you to join free TranslAcademy webinar, co-initiated by our team, for a conversation with Barbara Moser-Mercer, professor emerita and founder of InZone (University of Geneva), visiting professor at University of Nairobi on January 14 at 17.00 CEST. Barbara is engaged in strengthening African solutions to higher education in emergencies. Following her initial training as a conference interpreter she pursued her studies in psycholinguistics and cognitive psychology. Her research has focused on the development of expertise in complex cognitive skills of bilinguals, both from a cognitive psychology and a cognitive neuro-science perspective. These findings have been instrumental in informing the design and the development of student-centered multilingual digital learning environments in fragile contexts, which she has leveraged across several refugee camps in Africa and the Middle East. The webinar will include a presentation by the speaker as well as an opportunity for questions and discussion. Please follow the link to register for the webinar.