Traduttore but not traditore

Translation Summer School

Faster than a Formula 1 car. More powerful than Marvel superheroes. Able to banish the blahs with a single session. It’s been Translation Summer School for students supported by Translatel Ltd.
Translation Summer School included day sessions from industry peers, which fostered students’ curiosity and encouraged them to expand their idea of what’s possible.
Translation Summer School provided 22 students from 7 Ukrainian cities with the opportunity to learn new skills and try new activities first-hand – something they may not get the chance to do in a typical university setting – grow and work together in fun yet educational settings that would challenge them and push them outside their comfort zone.
The six full days of Translation Summer School equipped the participants with tools and skills needed to achieve excellence in all aspects of linguistic services, from traditional to digital. The participants obtained the skills of effective and impactful marketing, got an advanced understanding of the dynamics of the translation technologies, learned and exchanged best (and worst) practices of freelancers and in-house translators, had an opportunity for networking with national-level decision-makers and experts, learned by doing through interactive lectures and workshops.
We, at Translatel Ltd, are regular supporters of educational initiatives, renowned for our attention to new, raw talents which is really crucial to our success and our future in the company. Really happy to contribute to Translation Summer School alumni onboarding process and make it unforgettable.

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