Traduttore but not traditore

Translatel at GALA 2023 Dublin

We’re still energized from being surrounded by the top peers and thought leaders of the translation and localization industry. We can’t thank you enough for the insightful conversations and great atmosphere from the event.
Thank you to amazing keynotes: David Siegel with clear instructions on how to be a bold and decisive leader and not succumb to fear, remove potential roadblocks before they become a problem, and Marco Trombetti with a talk on productivity in postediting and the challenges of building a user interface for interacting with natural language.
“The Redemption of the Irish Language: A Model for Languages of Limited Diffusion” talk by Caroline Crushell made us think of Ukrainian (as our main working language) on our way to EU, as well as about the challenges new status may bring to linguists.
“The Translator of the Future is a Copywriter” by Rinaldo Dieziger, Chris Hodgson, Soren Eberhardt and Francois Chartrand – a thought-provoking discussion on linguists’ added value.
Pleased to share common view on universal quality with Katerina Gasova and Jennifer Vela-Valido. Being focused good-old linguistic quality perfection our team is gradually shifting towards a user-centric quality concept.
As long-term advocates of industry-academy collaboration pleased to see the rise of awareness towards collaboration among GALA members. “A Common Machine Translation Post-Editing Handbook for GALA” is a product of the collective expertise, know-how, experience, knowledge, ideas, insight, inspiration, and intelligence of all the members of the MTPE Training SIG.
Grateful to everyone that joined our CEO’s talk “Your Secret Weapon in the War for Talent”. Hope you left with bright ideas for the future!
GALA has a strong focus on real life applications. This approach makes it truly unique and valuable. It was really very well planned and of course accompanied by a fantastic venue. Looking forward for next venue and next GALA.