Traduttore but not traditore

Memorable Encounter with Students

On the eve of Translator’s Day, “Translatel” met with young colleagues – students of BA and MA programs at the Central Ukrainian State University. We take pride in our nearly two-decade-long collaboration, being the largest internship host in the region, and offering a unique internship opportunity with proven effectiveness on both the Ukrainian and international levels.
Our interns not only acquire professional skills and experience but also conduct research, test their findings in production, and later use them as translators, editors, or managers in our company.
During the meeting, our CEO, Olexander Bondarenko, shared the results of a comparative analytical study on the employment of graduates from European and Ukrainian institutions preparing translators. He outlined the main trends in the development of the linguistic services market. He specifically highlighted the changes in the professional profile of translators, which are already a reality, not just a future prospect. He identified the most in-demand competencies and skills in the linguistic services market.
Financial, legal, and economic matters were of great interest to the students, and the answers to these questions will help them determine their professional trajectory, which, we hope, will align with ours.