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Translatel: help for Ukraine at GALA2022

As we approach the third month of Russian open intervention into Ukraine and have been involved into an active help to our citizens and army, that was where Translatel had to focus its energy and resources since February, 24.

In the early days of the war, Translatel struggled to establish a sustainable working process to meet our clients’ demands and contribute to our country’s economy. The measures taken by our team were unprecedented, but circumstances demanded them.

At the same time, Translatel continued its activity on informing translation and localization community about the state of things in our country through series of international online meetings with colleagues from academia and industry.

Following up upon this activity our CEO delivered the remarks on the past few months extremely challenging for our country and our team in a welcoming address from Ukraine to Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) conference on April. 25, 2022.

Our team provided a set of steps to help Ukriane at “Unconference: Help for Ukraine: How can the GALA community provide support?” We suggested remaining informed and be cautious about the information that’s spread on social media and news, donating money and providing linguistic support to refugees worldwide.

We really appreciate GALA consideration and attention to this matter and greatful for support and the courtesy the community extended to our country.